Symposium on “Adsorption layer dynamics at liquid interfaces”
Organizers: Saule Aidarova (Almaty, Kazakhstan), Libero Liggieri (Genova, Italy) and Reinhard Miller (Darmstadt, Germany)

Surfactants are omnipresent in our modern world and help to solve many problems in technological processes. In most cases, technologies work under highly dynamic conditions so that not only the thermodynamic surface activity of a surfactant is an important quantity. In various situations, the dynamic interfacial quantities, such as the adsorption kinetics, the interfacial response to external perturbations, and the interplay between interfacial quantities and any liquid flow adjacent to the interface, become of major concern. Along with classical single surfactants, we will also look into systems containing proteins, polymers, nanoparticles and their mixtures with all types of surfactants.
This symposium aims at representing a platform for contributions dedicated to the dynamics of adsorbed layers at liquid-fluid interfaces. We seek for presentations on progresses in fundamental science as well as in various types of practical applications. Fundamental questions deal, for example, with growing, oscillating and rising bubbles and drops in liquids containing surface active species, including experimental and simulation work. Foams and emulsions under dynamic conditions, in practice as well as in laboratory studies, also represent an interesting group of scientific themes.
Keynote lectures will be giving overviews on certain scientific fields, which then will be complemented by oral and poster contributions dedicated to the various aspects of interfacial dynamics mentioned above. Please, submit your contributions to the conference organizers selecting the special sessions dedicated to this symposium as part of the overall “Surfactants in Solution” conference.
For questions and comments, please, come back to Reinhard Miller ().