The topics to be covered at SIS2022 are all areas of surfactants in solution including but not limited to:

  1. Thermodynamics, modelling, simulation and theory of surfactants-based systems.
  2. Surfactants adsorption at interfaces and pseudo-phase formation.
  3. Mixed surfactant systems, surfactants in separation processes.
  4. Kinetics of surfactant-based systems.
  5. Bioderived, bioinspired and gemini surfactants, sustainability in surfactants.
  6. Polymeric and polymerizable surfactants.
  7. Surfactants in applications:
    1. Surfactants in pharmaceuticals, medicinal and life sciences
    2. Surfactants in cosmetics and cleaning agents
    3. Surfactants in nano- and microtechnology
    4. Surfactants in energy production and environment
    5. Micellar catalysis
  8. Surfactants wetting, spreading and capillary phenomena.
  9. Monolayers and Langmuir-Blodgett films.
  10. Surfactants – experimental methods, techniques and approaches.
  11. General/other topics.
  12. Young Scientists' Forum
  13. Surfactants in tribology *
  14. Adsorption layer dynamics at liquid interfaces *

Contributions on related subjects are also welcome.

We cordially invite scientists and technologists in the areas of surfactants, colloids and interfacial sciences from around the world to join us.

*as an accompanying event (see more: Symposium... -> Accompaying events...)